Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Two Years

On November 10, 2008 a life was saved.  Sugar Boy was one of the 40 children in the United States who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on that day. 

What does two years with Type 1 Diabetes look like?

It looks like this:

Approximately 5,840 drops of blood taken from Sugar boy’s fingers
Approximately 1,080 insulin injections (in just the first 6 months after diagnosis)
Approximately 370 boxes of Juicy Juice (to bring up a low)
Approximately 250 infusion set insertions (once we had the insulin pump)
Approximately 120 sensor insertions (once we had the continuous glucose monitoring system)

But even more importantly….

It looks like THIS:

Happy D Anniversary to my handsome boy! 
Today, we CELEBRATE your LIFE!   


  1. Happy D Anniversary to Sugar Boy and to your whole Sweet Family!

  2. Love to you Sugar Fam. I hope you enjoy your day...and love how you are celebrating LIFE!

  3. And what a good-looking boy that is! Hope you have a wonderful day today.

  4. I just HATE looking at those numbers..they make my stomach hurt! But looking at your handsome, happy guy warms my heart and takes all that yucky feeling away. Have a great day today and give him a big squeeze from his Seattle buddies!

  5. We had our 2 year d'versary a couple weeks ago. Boy how life has changed since then. Here is to LIFE and HOPE!!

  6. Happy D anniversary!!! Here is to many more happy, healthy years with that handsome little guy of yours!

  7. Happy D Anniversary!! Here's to another great year!

  8. OH HAPPY DAY! Such a precious kiddo you have there!!! CHEERS to many more happy healthy years ahead!