Tuesday, November 9, 2010

D Blog Day - A letter to Diabetes

Today is the 6th Annual D Blog Day...

I have had a letter to Diabetes kicking around in my head for two years now.  Almost two years to the day.  I thought that today may be a good day to finally get it down.  Get it out. 

Dear Diabetes,
Two years ago, in November, you moved into our family.  You weren't invited.  We didn't know you were coming, and you were most certainly unwelcome.  But these things didn't concern you then any more than they do today.  You just barged your way in and set up house inside my son.  My beautiful little boy's body became your home.  We were forced to accept that you were to become a member of the family. 
You require quite a lot of attention, don't you?  And when you feel that we have become complacent with having you in our lives you like to stir things up.  It really drives me nuts when you do that. 
If you had your way you would take over completely. 
If you had YOUR way - you would take his life. 
But guess what?  You aren't getting your way.  I'm the Mama in this family, and its Sugar Daddy and I that make the rules.  And we say that you mind your manners and remember your place.  Got that?  Good - because this is how it's going to be from here on out.... 
You know that handsome, incredibly loving little boy that you inhabit?  He comes first.  He gets to be a kid, and have a happy care-free childhood... and then we will see about you.  And I will make it my mission every day for the rest of his childhood and for as long as he wants me to, to make sure that you do not win the war you are constantly battling inside of him. 
Because I am smarter than you...and while there may be days that you have me cornered, I will ALWAYS fight my way out... and that sweet little boy will never know what it costs to keep you in your place. 
One day he will be ready to take over the fight.  And he will learn how to fight you too... he will learn from me and from his Daddy... and he will be even better than we are against you... because having lived with you from the age of 27 months, he will know you better than we do.  He will know your quirks and your personality in ways that his Daddy and I will never understand. 
He will be able to truly FEEL you... and he will kick your ass. 
And so that CAN happen, his Daddy and I will make sure that he is kept healthy and STRONG. 
So, just so we understand each other.... you may have forced your way into this family, but you will NEVER totally get your way.  I'll make sure of that. 
When it comes to you, Sugar Boy comes first... he always has and he always will...

Yours Truly,
Sugar Boy's Mama


  1. Love this letter. This part really got me: ".. and that sweet little boy will never know what it costs to keep you in your place."

  2. What a touching letter! Straight from the heart. :)