Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Sweet Girl

Day 2 of NaBloPoMo

“Mom, how many carbs are in this?”

The little voice was coming from behind me.  I turned around to look at what Sugar Boy was referring to, and to answer him, when to my surprise I saw Sweet Girl standing there holding up a tootsie pop.  Now in my defense, my kids’ voices sound VERY much alike… and truthfully I just didn’t expect this question from her. 

“Fifteen.” I answered automatically.  She seemed to consider this – the answer seemed acceptable and off she went.  She didn’t even eat it… she was merely curious how many carbs it contained.

My kids amaze me.  Every. Day.

But this particular incident really melted my heart.  Its testament to the heart of gold contained within Sweet Girl.  She is a truly amazing child.  She is precocious and yet sweetly sensitive.  Despite being surrounded by boys a lot of the time (her brother, her cousins, and most of our friends’ kids) she is ALL girl.  She loves playing dress up, getting made-up and doing her hair.  She already has as many pairs of shoes as I do (and that's saying something!!!) and she loves purses and jewelery.  She is also becoming quite the little dancer!

Last weekend all of Sweet Girls loves combined into one fabulous evening!  Her dance class was to perform at the Halloween Carnival that our town was putting on.  The girls did a ballet routine to Bibbity Bobbity Boo.  They all dressed as Cinderella, and Sweet Girl got to wear make-up!  The perfect night for our little lady!


  1. I love that Sweet Girl of yours!

    Adorable video!

  2. This is sooo weird because yesterday Kirstin (my 3 year old NON diabetic) asked me how many carbs were in her Halloween candy before she ate it!! S
    "What does this say mama? (handing me the candy) So I read her the name of the candy and she said "NO How many is the number?" So I told her and she said "ok, I'll eat this then " So funny!!

  3. My boys got a few full sized bars and were reading the carb counts out to us. They couldn't believe how much was in a big bar. These kids grow up knowing more than most grown ups know for sure! Maybe a positive of D.

  4. DONNA!!!I'm not partial or anything, but......SHE WAS COMPLETELY A STEP AHEAD!!!! She was totally on the ball :) What a sweetie.

    Love those D SIBS!!!!

  5. I loved this video. SO sweet! As is your daughter. :)

  6. so sweet!! I remember when Leighanna USE TO BE sweet ;)

  7. AWWW...This is great. Thanks for sharing about your sweet girl!

  8. Adorable! It kind of melts my heart when Addison asks about carbs..I can only imagine it melting even more if he had a sibling and they were asking..