Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Re-Post: A Little Thing

For today's post, I decided to look back to earlier this year... I went over to my "old" blog and found a post that made me smile... since a lot of you weren't reading my other blog back in March, I decided to re post it today for you.... maybe it will make you smile too.  =)
Monday, March 1'st 2010
Yesterday was WONDERFUL!! My friend J and I spent three - count them - THREE hours at the spa! Pure heaven, I tell ya! Sugar Daddy stayed home and played dress-up with the kids, kept them entertained with a movie and I was awarded some blissful mommy-time! =)

I decided to get my nails done. A little thing, right? Yeah - a little thing that had me feeling like a million bucks as I left the spa. I have not had acrylic nails since before the twins were born. I sat in the car on the way home admiring how pretty they made my hands look. It was wonderful.

When I got home Sugar Daddy got ready to go play the Sunday evening mass (he is a music director at a church) and he reminded me on the way out the door that Sugar Boy had a site & set change for his pump due that night. "No worries" I said, "I've got it!" Usually he and I tag-team Sugar Boy's site & set changes... he pulls the new reservoir and I change out his site. In fact, since Sugar Boy got the pump almost a year ago, I am the only one who has done his site... Sugar Daddy knows how but is not at all comfortable with it, so I just do it. Sugar Boy and I have this little routine that we go through every two days (his site & set changes are a little more frequent because he swells easily around the site and day 3 numbers are always high if we leave it in for three days) and we have that routine down pat!

I was still admiring my pretty nails when we were having this conversation. My very pretty VERY LONG nails. Oh crap! *Smack on the forehead* What was I thinking? I have trouble buttoning my pants when I have nails - how the heck was I going to do a site & set?? Oh shoot! I voiced this to Sugar Daddy, who said "Uh- well - I don't know if I can do much better?"

OK - deep breath. I can do this. I was suddenly as nervous about doing a site & set as I was the very first time. As soon as Sugar Boy finished dinner I got all my stuff together to do the S&S change before I bolused him for the whopping 57 carbs he had just eaten (it was pizza night).
Pulling the res was no problem, nothing got in the way... but actually "changing his sticker" (that's what he and I call it) was a little bit interesting. Thank goodness for my very calm, very laid back 3 yr old. He just let me tough through it, without stressing me out more than I already was.

Once it was done, I couldn't help but realize how this was just yet another "little thing" that thanks to D was made into a very BIG deal!


  1. Spa day sounds good to me! We're not on a pump yet here, but I will keep my nail length in mind when it comes time for the manicure. :)

  2. I remember this post Donna and LOVED is a great illustration of how "d" seeps into everything, even our nail length gets in the way....

    Have you had any spa days since?

  3. I agree with Lora, I also need a spa day!!!