Saturday, November 6, 2010

Interesting Life We Have Here....

I have been spending quite a bit of time lately reflecting on life.  My life to be specific. 

I remember before Sugar Daddy and I had kids (he was Sugar Hubby then...  ;o) and we would talk about how life would change once we had a baby, and in fact we put off having a baby for a few years because we were anticipating that change and not totally sure if we were ready for it.  We acknowledged that the sleeping in till noon on Saturdays would no longer happen, we would have a lot less money and we even figured that things like sex would become much less frequent.  But really WE HAD NO CLUE how things would change.  I have to think that if we had known, we would still be childless.  Now don't get me wrong... I don't regret for a second having our kids.  They are amazing little people that are truly the light of our lives.  Its just that when I look back on the couple that we were, I don't think we would have been brave enough to sign up if we really knew how parenthood would change things... change us.  Thank God we didn't know!  =)

Now that we are parents... parents to two AMAZING 4 year olds that I would gladly give up every comfort and bit of spare change for just to ensure their happiness... I have found myself reflecting.  On where we have been.... where we are... and where we are going.  I have to say, all in all, we are doing pretty good.

I think we are entering that time in life when you just sort of coast.... we have worked hard to build what we have... and there have been additions to the building that we never anticipated (like twins and type 1 diabetes), but I am ready for these "coasting" years. 

It will be interesting to look back in several years and see if we are indeed just coasting, or if there are new and unexpected "additions" (and NO I am NOT talking about more kiddos) to come.... I guess time will tell.  =)


  1. You can be my "roommate" any time, baby... and as long as we make the most of the time we DO have for each other, then we ARE doing pretty good! Love you!!

  2. Awesome post....I'm with you on coasting right now....coasting from one day into the next....and standing still long enough to stare in awe and the blessings that seem to be everywhere.

  3. I don't think any of us would have been brave enough to take this on. Would we give it up? No! But to jump in knowing the details... doubt it!!

    Great post suga!

  4. My husband and I were just eating dinner with the younger 3 of our kids and we could not believe how quiet and simple it was with only 3. As we looked around the table we both started to laugh because we relied we both were thinking the same thing how simple life would be...but at that same time we both answered with but it we stopped at 3 we would have never gotten the change to meet these 3 wonderful human beings :)

  5. Who would have been brave enough? I don't know... Sweetpea arrived a year after we got married - so there seems like there was hardly and US before there was the 3 of us. We do wonder what we did with all our time, though! Wouldnt change it for the world!

  6. AS they get older it seems in many ways you coast, but in many ways some of the "issues" are much more complicated.

    I am glad you are enjoying the kiddos, life, and your love!!! Isn't life good Donna?

  7. I barely remember life before kids. Although we waited 5 years after we got married to have kids.

    Now I couldn't imagine my life with out my 3 precious blessings. I just was saying to my hubby today that if Princess (the youngest) hadn't come along when she did, (she was a surprise!)we would just have the two. Funny how things work out.