Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sensor Error….. BAD Sensor!


Last night we did our CGMS change-out where we remove the old sensor and insert a new one into Sugar Boy’s bum.  We do this every three days.  I LOVE our CGMS… I mean really…. It gives us the peace of mind that can only come from being able to check Sugar Boys’ number anytime of the day or night by simply glancing at the pump.  (We have the Medtronic CGMS that is integrated with our insulin pump).  When it works right (which truthfully is like 99% of the time!) it is MARVELOUS! 


When it doesn’t… It makes me want to scream and pull my hair out.  Last night was one of those nights.  After inserting the new sensor you have to wait for two hours to do the first calibration.  We usually do our sensor change right before Sugar Boy goes to bed, we check his sugar via finger prick to make sure he is stable and then tuck him in.  Two hours later when Linkie (that is what we named our CGMS) starts beeping that it needs calibration, we head in there and prick his finger again, and based on that reading we calibrate, and we are good to go… until his next calibration which we do doing his night check, usually around 2am or so.  Easy Peasy… except last night was one of the exceptions.  I had a feeling when I inserted the sensor that something wasn’t right.  And sure enough after we did the 2 hr calibration Linkie started beeping about 2 minutes later saying “Sensor Error”.  I re-calibrated.  “Sensor Error.”  UGH!!!!

An hour later… “Bad Sensor”

Well, Hell!

He has been having some soreness on his bum where we put the adhesive that holds his sensor down, so maybe this is a sign that we just need to leave it off for a couple of days.  That means A LOT more finger pricks today and tomorrow… and it means that he is at school without it.  But, I think that’s what we will do.  We’ll put it back on tomorrow night…. Because I REFUSE to be without it for Thanksgiving!  Who knows what all that kid will end up eating!!  =)

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  1. I hate sensor errors!!! They drive me CRAZY! Haven't had the bad sensor yet, but I have taken ones out that I thought were back because numbers were ALL over the place.