Sunday, November 21, 2010

Too Much Stuff!

Today was frustrating.

We were bed shopping.  For our spare room.  When I woke up this morning we didn’t have a spare bedroom.  We had a play room.  Now we have a spare bedroom. 

Why is it that you move ONE thing in your house and this domino effect takes place?  That’s how it was tonight.  We had to move the sleeper sofa out of the playroom, so it had to go into our den.  Well, that meant that the exercise equipment (that I have not used in a year) had to go to the garage.  Too bad the treadmill wouldn’t fit through the door… it stayed in the den.  It actually looks pretty good the way we finally got it together… and who knows maybe I’ll use the damn treadmill again someday????

Anyway… then there is the play kitchen that was in the playroom… which had to be moved to Sweet Girls room, which meant moving her dresser so the darn thing would fit.  What were we thinking when we bought that HUGE play kitchen????

I have come to the conclusion we that we have a 2050 sq ft house, but we have 3500 sq ft of STUFF!!!

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