Thursday, November 4, 2010

T1D 365:1

Day 4 of NaBloPoMo

I have been inspired by Jen over at I Am Your Pancreas.  Have you visited her blog?  Do you know of the absolutely AMAZING pictures she takes? 

So, here we go:  The beginning of my own Diabetes 365 project.

I took this picture over the summer – when I was making an instruction sheet for my mother in law on how to do a site and set change while Sugar Daddy and I were away for 4 days on vacation.  Because Sugar Boy still requires so little insulin we dilute our own at home.  Every two weeks Sugar Daddy mixes a new vial (25% insulin, 75% diluent) and labels it with a two week expiration date.

I can’t wait to explore more of what I can capture with my camera.  Thank you for the inspiration, Jen!!


  1. Hey...I didn't know you guys dilute! Interesting. AND...Jen does have an amazing GIFT. I try to get BB to look all artsy, but it never seems to pan out for me. BIG SMILES.

    Have a great day.

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  3. Interesting... our diluted lasts for three weeks, I wonder what the difference is. Plus I didn't know you could use diluted with a pump.

  4. I too have thought about starting a 365 project. Maybe I will have to start on 1/1/11.

    Great picture! And I cannot wait to see more from you!

  5. I can't wait to see your amazing pictures ;) Especially since you have that super fab camera!

  6. I think it is great that you are doing this! Good luck!! You are off to a great start!

  7. I didn't even know you could dilute! Crazy. I look forward to seeing your pictures. :)

  8. OMG Donna..I wrote Tracy instead of Donna!! Doh!!

  9. So I deleted that and here is what I MEANT!
    Thanks DONNA! You made my day today..I am looking forward to seeing your photos. I like this one. Insulin vials never get boring for me to photograph or look at..I don't know why!

    November 4, 2010 1:05 PM