Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cuddly Bear Goes To The Doctor!

There is a little stuffed bear that floats around the Sugar Kids' preschool classroom.... its name is Cuddly Bear.  Basically the way it works is every day someone different takes Cuddly Bear home with them.  At first this made me nervous - sounded like a great way to spread germs from one kid to the next, if you ask me.... but when I witnessed for the first time the absolute delight on each of my kids faces when it was their turn to bring Cuddly Bear home, I decided not to be such a ninny.  =)

Cuddly Bear has been to our house a few times now.... after all there are two kids that Cuddly Bear comes home with to our house so we have Cuddly Bear twice as much as any of the other families!

Tuesday Cuddly Bear came home with Sweet Girl.  Now, this was a very special treat this time because there is no school on Wednesday!  So she got Cuddly Bear a whole day to herself.  Imagine my surprise when Cuddly Bear never even made it out of the bag!  I think that the delight of taking Cuddly Bear home just might be wearing off.  Well, here's the thing.... Cuddly Bear also travels with a journal and a bag of clothes to be changed in to each day.  Mom and/or Dad have the responsibility of writing in Cuddly Bear's journal and recounting what Cuddly Bear did while at home with your child.   I was joking with Sugar Daddy that I was going to write about how Cuddly Bear stared at the inside of his bag for the entire time. 

But alas, Cuddly Bear DID get to do something.... this morning, before school, Cuddly Bear got to go to the Doctor!!!

The Sugar Kids had their 4 yr check up today.  They did GREAT!!  Especially considering that Sugar Boy got 4 shots and Sweet Girl got 5!  She had not had her flu shot yet.... Sugar Boy had gotten his on an earlier visit.  Neither of them cried!  So proud of my big kids.  Of course the bribe that we would go and get a toy at the toy store if they didn't cry played a pretty big role, but hey - I have said it before and I'll say it again - I am NOT above bribery!!

Here are some pictures of Sweet Girl with Cuddly Bear at the Doctors!  =)


  1. So cute! I love the idea of Cuddly Bear.

    I am NOT ready for that many shots! The Superhero will have his 4 year check up soon and he ALWAYS cries. Maybe I will have to bribe too. Hmmm...