Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Thanksgiving Treat

Have you ever been in a pre-school classroom?  I know most of you have.  I know that a couple of you have worked or do currently work in one!  It has to be the most sensory stimulating place in the entire world.  Sugar Daddy, who is pretty in tune to stuff like that anyway, gets positively jittery when we go to visit the Sugar Kids’ classroom.  =)

Yesterday we were invited to arrive a half an hour before the end of class for a “Thanksgiving Treat”.  We had no idea what to expect.  We knew the kids were going to be cooking… but that was it…. and the kids weren’t telling!!!

So we arrived, much to our surprise as soon as we walked through the door we could smell pumpkin!  It was heavenly… My first thought… “Oh dear God, she has them BAKING?!?!” 

Have I ever mentioned that Mrs. A (their teacher) is AMAZING?  She is.  Not only is she a wonderful D Mama fill-in for when Sugar Boy is at school, she manages to have 20 four year olds at her beck and call every day!  I seriously don’t know how she does it.  They listen to her in ways that I KNOW they don’t listen at home!  And because of that she does things with them that simply amaze all of us parents.  Really – the woman is a saint. 

Anyway – I digress.  Back to the Thanksgiving Treat!

So, once we were invited into the classroom… I saw the Sugar Kids sitting together at a table.  I made my way over to them.  They were wearing little headbands that they had made with a single feather sprouting from their foreheads…. SO cute!

And that’s when they started to tell me about their day…. They had made Pumpkin Bread!!!!  They each measured and added the water, oil and eggs… stirred the mix and poured it into little foil bread pans.  They even got to put it into the oven!!!  Clever Mrs. A had labeled each bread pan with the child’s name who made that bread so that the correct bread would get back to the correct child.  The kids cut the bread and served it to us.  It was SO good!  =)

Mrs. A, came up during our treat (just as I was SWAGing the carbs for the bread in my head) and handed us the box that the mix came out of.  She let us know that each box of mix had made 4 loaves of bread.  The woman is COOL, I tell ya!!!  No guessing needed… we gave Sugar Boy exactly what he needed in insulin…. Seeing as how he ate almost ¾ of his loaf all by himself!  =)

After we were done eating, the kids took us around to show off their classroom some more.  I really loved visiting the place where my kids are learning SO much.  It was a GREAT way to spend a half an hour of my afternoon!  =)


  1. Donna...they are so cute. It seems like just yesterday I was at Joe's Pre-school for this feast. So much fun!

  2. Cute... Elise wore a headband just like that at her Thanksgiving feast at school!

  3. I am just going to say it...
    Going into a classroom is SENSORY OVERLOAD!!!!
    Phew! Now I feel better.

    I am glad they have such an awesome teacher. It makes life so much easier.

  4. I love pre-school! Lovebug had one day when they dressed up as Indians and the other day Pilgrims. I will have to download the pictures and share them.

    You have some really cute kiddos there! :)

  5. Love the pictures and the pumpkin bread sounds wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving!