Friday, November 5, 2010

T1D 365:2 Night Time Lows

He never even woke up, I just prop up his head and down it goes.... Even after almost two years it amazes me how he can suck down 4 oz of juice in his sleep. 

Meri at Our Diabetic Life tells of how moments like this feel from a D Mama's perspective in her recent post "A homage to the nighttime check."  She describes it perfectly.


  1. Donna - I can't believe you were able to take a photo without him waking up! That is so awesome. Addison eats in his sleep when we treat him for is a really incredible thing to behold.

  2. I am completely amazed at what our kids can do in their sleep....and awestruck by the awesome parents that see to it these moments happen.

    Hope the tummy yuckies are gone!

  3. Joe munches on Glucose tabs while sleeping...they are amazing. Bummer on the low for you and Sugar Boy.

  4. Lovebug does that same thing. Amazes me too.

  5. Yup. Never wakes up. How she drinks laying down, I'll never know. Our kids are amazing. Plain and simple.

    Look at that sweet face!