Monday, November 22, 2010

Hang On Tight.... Its gonna be a week!!

You know it’s going to be quite a week when you look at your husband in the morning and just say, “Ok – we are going to get through this… we just have to remember to be patient with each other… and we just have to remember that its only one week!!!”

Really…. Just how much stuff can you cram into one week???

Monday – Bed delivered, Mom and her hubby came to visit for the week.

Tuesday – Moms appointment with surgeon to determine if she needs back surgery, Thanksgiving Treat at the kids preschool, Taking Mom and her hubby out to dinner sans Sugar Daddy because he has Tuesday night choir rehearsal.

Wednesday – My mom and my mother in law are together… all day…. at my house…. while I’m at work.  *sigh*

Thursday – Thanksgiving… mass in the morning, dinner at my sister in laws in the afternoon.

Friday – Hanging lights and decorating the house in the morning, Sugar Daddy gone in the afternoon to play a funeral, and farewell dinner for my mom and her hubby Friday night.

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