Friday, February 25, 2011

My Night.

Dark, quiet house. 
Its 2am
buzz, Buzz, Buzz, BUZZ, BUZZ (my alarm gets increasingly louder as it goes… SO annoying)

I wake up – smack the alarm.
Hubby is lightly snoring next to me.  He didn’t even hear the dang thing.  This is how he feels when it’s his night for checks and I sleep through his alarm.  Hrmph.

I get up.  Stumble down one hall and on to the next all where the kids’ rooms are.

As I open the door to my sleeping son’s room I immediately listen for his steady breathing.  He is snoring louder than his daddy… the thought of that makes me giggle a little.  Maybe I’m a little punchy?

I dig his pump out from under him… he is laying on it… and check the reading from his CGMS.  120.  I am surprised.  His sugars have been stubbornly hanging in the low 200’s most nights, so this is a great number.  BUT… I don’t necessarily trust it.  I notice he is laying on the arm that has the sensor on it. 

I am thirsty… so I head to the kitchen to get a drink… and take my water back to the master bathroom where his test kit is.  I put the lancet in and poke my finger in the process.  That DOES NOT make me giggle.  New lancet.  OK – back to his room.  When I lift his little hand he jerks it back away from me.  Even in his sleep he knows what’s coming.  I get hold of it again… clean off one of his fingers.  I think I remember the middle finger being the least bruised.  Poke.  Wait for the meter…… 151.  Nice.  I’ll take that 30 points off since its 30 points in the right direction.  I cover him back up.  Roll him over so that the sensor can get some more fluid to it.   And walk out.

Back to bed.  But not back to sleep.  My brain finally engaged and now I am fully awake.  *sigh*  I know sleep will come again in an hour… or two. 

Just another night in the life of raising a child with type 1 diabetes.


  1. I was up at 2am too! Wouldn't 't it be great if we has some sort of bat-phone where we could see all our d-peeps who were also up at the same time?

  2. Think that "Bat-phone" is called Twitter these days... it's amazing to see how many fellow d-peeps are up at strange hours testing, or for Highs or Lows. Community can be such a great thing, even at 2 or 3 a.m. when half-asleep and grumpy... Glad his numbers were good that night!

  3. Wow...I would love to have a "bat phone" and "hang" with you in the middle of the night Donna! Glad Sugar Boy's number was A.O.K.

  4. hope you get some sleep! guess it's a little easier since his numbers were good!

  5. Yuk! I hate night like that! It's hard to turn you brain off!

  6. Ahhh....a nice 150....

    That's dreamy :)

  7. Oh I hear that! I can wake up at 12 or 1 am and get back to sleep, but if I do the 3 or 4 am check, I lay awake for hours. YUCK!

    But yay on the good number!