Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hey Sweet Momma! Why A Butterfly?

A couple of people have asked me about the design that I chose for my blog.  The design seemingly has nothing to do with the name of my blog. 

Sugar Kids =  Butterfly?  Wha??

Well, I figured it was time to explain.

The reason I chose a butterfly is because of the symbolic meaning that goes along with butterflies.

Butterflies symbolize change.  But more than that they are the symbol of perseverance because of the change that they over-come.  Their bodies start out as one thing... and then, through a process that is both stressfull and complex, they change.  And they emerge from the change strong and beautiful.

Sound familiar?  Our D Kids are the bravest, strongest examples of perseverance that I have ever witnessed.  In spite of everything they go through, they face life with innocent joy… always managing to find beauty in their worlds.


In addition to that, my design shows a butterfly rising from the swirls and circles that is life.  That is the way I see my Sugar Kids.  I see them rising above whatever life throws at them and soaring with wings outstretched.

That’s it.  It’s actually really simple.  =)


  1. It's beautiful :) Keep soaring, butterflies.

  2. I think your design (and its meaning) is beautiful!

  3. I love your design and header.I have butterflies on my blog for the same reason. :)

  4. Very neat symbolism, Donna. And, I love how your daughter appears to be looking at the butterfly in your header design! It's so nice to know the history behind what some of us choose to decorate our spaces here!

  5. I'll never look at butterflies the same way again! Beautiful, Donna!