Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Words of Comfort

I recently quoted this scripture (one of my favorites) on a friends post.  Funny that I would read something that someone is going through, and immediately call to mind this passage of comfort, but I forget to remind MYSELF of those words when its ME having difficulty.

Driving into work this morning, I remembered to remind myself.

I realized that sometimes you just have to have faith.  You have to put your trust in Him and believe that He will not forsake you.  I realized that lately I have once again been donning my Happy Face.  I have slipped back into the old habit of trying to not let others see that everything is NOT alright with me.  Although, if I am being totally honest – I don’t know that I am really being that successful at hiding it.  Today, for instance, I am sitting here… at my desk at work… in jeans and a t-shirt, hair on its second day since being washed, bags under my eyes (despite the fact that I actually went to bed last night at 10pm!) and NO make up to cover those bags.  Want to know what’s sad, though?  No one is alarmed by my appearance.  No one walks in and says “Wow!  What’s up with Donna?  I wonder if she is OK?”  No one does that.  Why?  Because this is the norm.  This is how they are now USED to seeing me.  It has become normal for me to get up in the morning and simply not have the energy to get myself totally ready for the day.  I know that I am not the only D Mama to experience this... but it still bother's me!


Lack of sleep, certainly.  Even when I have a full night’s rest, it's not enough… I can't seem to catch up.  Sugar Daddy and I trade off on the checks most nights… last night was his night.  But I am still so tired this morning.

Worry… I worry about Sugar Boy, of course… but Diabetes has affected more than just the over-all health of our family.  Finances are also a big concern.  Diabetes is expensive.

Stress… Keeping Sugar Boy, not just alive but HEALTHY on a daily basis.  Yes, it’s stressful.  Its stressful depending on other’s to keep him safe when I am not the one that’s with him.  Its stressful never knowing when D is going to decide to chuck the rules out the window and drop his BG like a lead balloon – or send him soaring.  It’s stressful always being so STRESSED!
I usually deal with stress by eating.  Which makes me worry about weight issues.  Its either that or shopping… and well, we have already covered the finances part of it. 
I wish I were a runner, like Reyna… but even if I were in the physical shape to do so… I have no clue when I would possibly find the time.

So, where does all this leave me?  At the beginning, I suppose.  At the beginning of this post, I mean:

It leaves me with FAITH.  And HOPE.  Because, really… what else is there?

Apparently I was supposed to have this realization this morning, because when I went downstairs to get my coffee at work, I noticed this hanging on the wall....

God is good!


  1. I wish I had that on my wall to look at! That hits it right on the mark baby!!

    Thank you for this amazing post! I'm in the process of leaving it all at His feet too!

    Love you!

  2. I need that sign tatoo'd into my brain. Would you believe I was having this conversation with God in the car this morning? I was asking him how to put it in his hands because I knew it was out of mine. I don't know how to let go; even if life, as I know know it, tells me to everyday.

    Big hugs girl... I look like SHIT today too.

  3. WOW...love that sign :)

    Beautiful scripture, my friend. This is something I **REALLY** needed to hear this morning.

    Always refreshing to click on over to check in on a friend and find exactly the words I needed to hear!

  4. I'm still in my PJ's!!! LOL. And, yes, I am a bit embarassed to admit that one. Your evolution and strength are so apparent in your words and your insight. Chin up girl...and if you promise to to wash your hair, I'll promise to get dressed...and God will handle the rest of our problems! Love YOU!

  5. Hi! I'm trying to find a place to send you a message! I was just referred to your blog from a friend of a friend. I have 3 year old twins and our daughter twin was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. my blog is www.type1diabetic3yearold.blogspot.com

  6. this post made me cry yet it is SO good to know I am not alone.
    Being a D momma is so incredibly stressful and exhausting. Sometimes I wonder if the other mommas at my son's school think I'm lazy cause 3 out of 5 days I'm wearing a hat (little do they know what life is like for us).
    With HIM all things are possible, amen!

  7. Reading this reminds me that I should pray more! It is very stressful and exhausting, that's for sure. People keep telling me I should meditate, so now I am going to tell you to do it! And then I will try to take my own advice :)

  8. Thank you for the reminder. I feel like I go in cycles-- sometimes I'm handling things okay, and sometimes I feel like I'm struggling to make it through each day.

  9. I needed to hear this today, Donna. Thank you!!

    I'm right there with you- no one notices my jumbled appearance. It's the norm.