Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We've Come A Long Way, Baby

Last Saturday was a GREAT day!

Sugar Daddy had to work for the morning and early afternoon, so I was solo with the kiddos.  I woke up knowing that we had a VERY full day planned, and I was ready to take the day on.  Sweet Girl has dance lessons on Saturday mornings.  Then, after dance its our new tradition to stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way home for a donut for the kids and an iced coffee for mommy.  After that I had planned to hand over the kids to Sugar Daddy for a couple hours so I could go get my hair done, and then we would all go to church as a family (since Sugar Daddy was playing mass that night) and dinner after that.

We did indeed go to dance, followed by our post-dance Dunkin Donuts trip.  (33 carbs in a glazed chocolate cake donut, in case you ever need to know...)  But sometime that morning I realized that the hair appointment was not going to work.  It was just too stressful to try and swing our schedules to do the kid hand-off, and I really didn't want to take the Sugar Kids with me.  Somehow having two 4 year olds bouncing off the walls (donuts do that to them...) of the hair salon while I was suck in a chair and with foil all over my head was just not my idea of a good time.  Tracy over at The Super Hero and The Princess had suggested a get-together at the Train park, and really that just sounded like SO MUCH more fun for both myself and the kids!  So I cancelled the hair appointment and we headed out to the park.

We had a GREAT afternoon.  While I enjoyed some good D Mama time hanging with Tracy, the Sugar Kids got in some great play time with The Superhero and The Princess.  The weather was beautiful and it was truly an awesome afternoon.  Diabetes even managed to behave itself for both me and Tracy!!  Here are some pics that Tracy took of the kiddos.  The one with The Sugar Kids holding hands with The Superhero is my favorite.  =)

After leaving the park, we headed to church with Sugar Daddy.  The kids were hungry so we got them each a banana from the dining room and they scarfed them down before it was time to head into mass.  The banana's were a little on the green side, but the kids didn't seem to mind.  I dosed for the banana and off we went.

We sat down at church and I went to check Sugar Boys number by glancing at Linkie (our CGMS).  Linkie was off-line... The sensor had expired and it needed to be re-started.  Darn it!  Oh well... he had just had a banana so I figured he should be fine.  Both the kids were whiny and antsy the whole way through mass, but that was to be expected... they were tired!  They had played hard!  Finally, just before communion, after shagging Sugar Boy out of my lap for the umpteenth time, he uttered the words that make your blood run cold... "Mom, I'm LOW!!!"  Of course this was said in a voice just above a whisper and with Sugar Boy on the verge of tears.  I grabbed the sugar box, opened the test case and got an alcohol swab with swiftness that surprised even me.  Less than 30 seconds after he had uttered those words we had a number.... 47.  I pulled a juice box out, got the straw in and had it to his lips in another 10 seconds. 

All of this is not uncommon for us D peeps... we live and re-live this scenario over and over and over again.  But, almost two and a half years after diagnosis I was able to do that entire scenario so quickly, so smoothly that no one around us even had a clue that there was something not right.  All they saw was a tired little boy and girl sitting with their mama, and mama doing what she could to keep them quiet during mass.  Only those sitting right next to us may have noticed the test being done and the juice coming out.  The other difference:  it used to really rattle me.  This saving of my sons life in the middle of church... the grocery store... wherever.  Now, its just something we handle.  Quickly, quietly, and without incident.

We've come a long way, baby.

PS - I figured it out later... I over-dosed for the banana.  It was an under-ripe banana, remember.  Yep - less sugar in those.  Ugh.  I should have thought of that.  Just goes to show no matter how far you have come... it's still all to easy to screw things up!


  1. are amazing and you did not screw up the banana!!!

    Sounds like a fun time with the Superhero and Tracy. I am so jealous that there are so many of you D Mama Bloggers living in the same area.

    On the low treatment, well you and Sugar Boy are my heroes...all D Families are!!!! xoxo

  2. Donna--
    Mass brings on it's own stressfulness for us. We've done a lot of mom and dad going separately, because I get nervous about managing two babies and my d-son all at one time. But, now that we have the Dexcom, I'm a lot more comfortable going to Mass together. I still feel kind of obvious when I have to sugar test in the pew. I assume we'll get better...

  3. So impressive and encouraging to me how well you handled the situation! Gives me hope I will be more confident one day too. We don't see too many lows, so when we do, they really get me rattled! great that your son can recognize he is low and tell you!!! Good for him!


    You rocked that low. It's crazy how "normal" things can appear to the outside world as we fumble through this life -- one number at a time.

    Man, we've really got them fooled.

  5. Great pics! And yep..we know that Dunkin Donuts carb count well. :)

    Thanks for the info on the banana - I would have never thought that if it was under-ripe, it has less sugar!

  6. I so love the photos! I am envious that you and Tracy can get together!
    Glad you had so much fun. You have come a long way baby! It is funny how it becomes second nature to do these things and that no one around you has any idea what is going on! You rock!

  7. Ok - what is this train park of which you speak? It sounds so fun - I think Nate would love it!!

    Wow - I don't think I knew that about ripe bananas. You did a great job!! You have indeed come a long way baby!!

  8. Thanks for sharing! This is our life, and you are right, with time we seem to handle things much better, but we still make mistakes.
    Glad you are close enough to another D Mom and that the children and Mommies are fortunate enough to have each other <3

  9. You know you are a super mom when you cancel a hair appt to go to see trains with the kids! Holla!

    How the heck did you find a 33 carb donut???? Never in our life have we been able to bolus on 60 for one!

  10. oh my I am so impressed. I have to tell you I read your blog and I am excited to have found you this year. you give me such insperation and todays post is no differant. I think I would have been the mom draging to kids out of the service down the hall trying to explain to the 4 year old that the 1 year old is low and been digging through my bag to find the juice and the kit... you did it with such ease I am impressed!! Thanks for the comments on my blog I really appriciate them!

  11. I'm impressed on so many levels! Canceling hair for the park?!? Donuts?!? (they are murder for us). Mass WITH 2 KIDS!?! You Rock, Mama!

    The park sounded like lots of fun! It hits me, too, sometimes how normal it's all become.... Crazy. And those dang bananas. As if bolusi g is t hard enough- a fruit that changes carbs based not only on size but ripeness!?!?! Ugh!