Thursday, January 13, 2011

Resolutions & Hope

Every year I make resolutions.

Every year I break resolutions.

I honestly don't think I have EVER actually held to one.  But its kind of tradition, you know?

So, this year, like any other... I made resolutions.  But I did so mindfully.  And for the first time asked myself, not just what my resolutions were going to be... but WHY I was even making them. 

And then I realized.... Resolutions for me are kind of like buying a lottery ticket.  I buy the ticket knowing that I probably am NOT going to win the lottery (although, wouldn't THAT be NICE???), but there is hope that I may.  And for the next little while until the drawing I get a lot of day-dreaming done.  I think about all the things I would do with the money if we won.  What charities it would help to benefit... all the bills I could pay off... and best of all, how I could FINALLY stay at home and raise my kiddos, because the income from my job would no longer be needed.   Its all about hope.  Its about the wonderful feelings inside that hope brings.  I think that's what resolutions are for.  When a old year is ending.... and old year with all of its history... all of its good and its bad is finally coming to a close, you are left with hope for a new year.  A hope that new things, new adventures are coming your way.  No one knows what the new year will bring... but by making resolutions you can identify the things you hope it will bring.

So, what do I hope the new year will bring?

I hope to loose some weight.
I hope to be more financially solvent - and more responsible about staying on a budget.
I hope to be more honest about going to church EVERY week.
I hope to be a better wife, mother, daughter.... woman.
I hope to spend more time with my blog.

And I hope for a cure to type 1 diabetes.  You never know... maybe 2011 will be a year that makes history.  We can HOPE!


  1. Always gotta have hope! Your hopes sound pretty "spot on" for me too. xoxo

  2. I think you just wrote the paper to be taped on my desk! THESE ARE GREAT hopes!! Thanks for an upbeat and great post!

  3. Loving HOPE and choosing JOY!


    Great post!!!

  4. I love Hope. Without Hope we have nothing. Wonderful post! ((hugs))

  5. So I'm way behind on reading blogs...but I needed to read this one TODAY. Thanks for reminding me how important HOPE is.

  6. donna love your blog, i am going to include it in our pump wear newsletter tomorrow, thanks for all you do, julie at