Monday, January 31, 2011

Re-Post: Take That, Diabetes!

I was exploring my old blog the other day, and came across a few posts that I felt particularly sentimental over.  I figured I would re-post them over the next week so I could have them on my new blog, and so that I could share them with those of you that were not following me back then.  =)

This post was originally written and posted on 3/12/10.

I was inspired to write this post today after reading this post on Joanne's blog this morning.

Keeping up with diabetes is MORE than a full time job... its a life-long commitment to your childs health, safety, and over-all well-being. Now, I imagine a non-D Mama would read that and say, "well, of course - THAT'S what PARENTING is..." Only D Mama's (and D Daddy's) understand that regular non-diabetic parenting is easy-peezy in comparison.

I have felt lately like we have really relaxed our standards when it comes to controlling what Sugar Boy eats. For example, this past weekend we were at my mom's wedding. From the time we got there - even before the ceremony - Sugar Boy and Sweet Girl both were asking for cake. I explained to them that as soon as Grandma W and Grandpa D were married we would have cake. Of course in the back of my mind I was already trying to calculate butter cream icing and strawberry-mousse filling and I was starting to feel my brain short-circuiting. There was already a lot going on that day and I was starting to feel like I just couldn't keep up with it all. After the ceremony, we went into the reception hall and the ladies from the church had prepared a wonderful lunch.... everything on the line was home made. HOME MADE. A nightmare when it comes to carb crunching. I filled Sugar Boy's plate with everything he asked for. At this point I was already getting to the "Screw Diabetes - I don't care!" state of mind. I let him eat. And it was so wonderful to just LET HIM EAT. He followed it up with a pretty hefty piece of cake...which he ate all of the icing off of first, and then decided he didn't really need the actual cake part - or the filling! I gave it a shot in the dark - plugged a number into the pump and sent out a quick wish & a prayer that I was at least close.

We got lucky.... he actually went a teeny bit LOW afterward. No problem - another "free" snack, which thrilled Sugar Boy.

Afterward, I felt guilty. Like I do every time I have a "Screw Diabetes" moment. I feel like I have failed in my diligence, and therefor I have let Diabetes win, especially when the numbers afterward are not good numbers.

Which brings me to Joannes post this morning. Its SO refreshing to know that there are other D Rents out there that do the same thing! That have the same moments.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Having these moments is NOT "letting Diabetes win". Its just the opposite. Having these moments is proving to Diabetes that we will continue to live whether Diabetes is there or not! Sugar Boy will enjoy his food and we WILL strike that balance to where Diabetes has as little impact as possible in our lives. And when Diabetes rears its ugly little head and trys to take over we will slap it back down and say, "No way - not today - you are NOT going to ruin this for us!"

Take THAT Diabetes!


  1. Yeah...TAKE THAT "D"! I remember in the beginning of Joe's diagnosis being VERY strict with food. I am glad to say that I have loosened up and "D" doesn't hold us back at all from food (within reason), from activity, from life.

  2. BOOYA! High Five, Donna!

    I have to admit...the more relaxed I've become with food, the better our quality of life feels. 5.5 years ago, I would have never considered chocolate milk for breakfast...guess what? Chocolate milk makes a for a nice treat now and then...AND I've learned how to conquer it!

  3. Im so glad you posted this. I am ocd and crazy. I bring my scale look up carbs or just dont give it I know its havoc on the bgs. And sometimes we have to say screw it and let D take a backseat to the moment.

    So thank you!!