Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Basal Testing

Why can't it be easier?  OK - I know - that's just me whining.  Nothing about this stupid disease is EASY.  But really... of all the things we have to do, basal testing REALLY gets under my skin. 

You probably think I am nuts... I mean after all, what's a little basal testing compared to poking his fingers multiple times a day and sticking him with giant needles every three days to switch out the site and sensor, right?  What's a little basal testing compared to having to weigh his food and count carbs   What's a little basal testing compared to having to get up at night, several times a night just to be sure he is still breathing, and that he is going to live through the night.

After all of that... what's a little basal testing?

Its the ONE and ONLY time I HAVE to deny him something. 

My boy LOVES his carbs.  I mean, he L.O.V.E.S them.  And, as you know, when you test basal levels, you have to be carb-free for the period you are testing for.  And this usually leads to tears and occasionally even a slight tantrum.  For me, its when D finally really makes it into the spot-light.  Because when you are basal testing there is no just letting him be a normal kid.  And it REALLY gets to me.

But alas... I have put it off long enough.  Its been about 9 months.  And I KNOW (thanks to the CGMS) that his basal levels are a mess.  So, a-basal-testing we shall go.



  1. I hate basal testing too. Which is why the only basal testing I do happens when she just so happens to go without carbs for a while and I realize she's still climbing or dropping. And that rarely happens that she goes without carbs, but once in a blue moon. :P

  2. I understand. I give my gal Crystal LIght drink mix, sugar free popsicles, cheese and ham and bacon and special things when she is basal testing. You have to go no carbs, but it doesn't mean you don't have to eat. Honest. Maybe some special treats so basal testing can be a special thing for your boy? Just an idea...

  3. Basal testing..whats that? Just kidding! We don't do it very often least not intentionally. I takes notes during long periods that Addison isn't eating anything (which is not very often!)

  4. I agree... HUGE pain. I feel like it's so hard to get a true reading based on activity levels and foods eaten earlier (my girl hangs onto her carbs for a looong time).

  5. I agree J is the same way. He loves bacon and eggs but then hes like lady I needs some toast! Lol good luck!

  6. How'd it go? (I am a little behind commenting here!) I am doing some basal testing here too...and it's hard! Even more challenging when they go to school, not enough days on the weekends! Good luck!