Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Celebrate the BIG Victories!!!

I was going to name this post "Celebrate the Small Victories!".  But in truth - that was not at all appropriate... because the victory I am celebrating tonight is HUGE!!

So... the last several days have been... well... a roller coaster.  We have been Up, Down & All Around.

  • I discovered a lump on my neck.
  • Sugar Boys pump goofed out on us... and was not recording actions that it had performed.
  • Sugar Daddy's car had its bumper kissed by a big ole truck at the gas station.
  • The brakes went out on my van.
  • I found out that said lump was not a problem... but that the nodule they found while investigating the lump needs to be biopsied.
  • We were notified yesterday that Sugar Boy's school nurse had a mandatory meeting at the district offices today and so would not be at the school during the hours that Sugar Boy would be there.
Which brings me to today's BIG victory!  After talking to Mrs A, Sugar Boy's teacher, we decided to let the teacher and the aid deal with Sugar Boys care for today.  I was VERY nervous about this.  The bulk of our training had been done with Nurse L and while Mrs A had sat in on the initial meeting she had not been apart of the changes that we had made since Sugar Boy had started school.  Sugar Daddy and I typed up a one page instruction sheet for her.  You can see it HERE... please feel free to use and modify it for your own use if you have the need for it!  She assured us that all was well and she could handle it.

Normally the kids are dropped off and picked up on Tuesdays by Grandma D, however since I had to go and run some errands for the biopsy that is coming up on Thursday, I decided to pick them up myself today... that way I could talk to Mrs A about how the day had gone as well.

When the Sugar Kids came out of their classroom they were all smiles.  I basked for a few seconds in just how much they really do love school.  Mrs A was not far behind them.  She walked right up to me and smiled... then she blew me away!  Off the top of her head she said, "I checked him at 2pm and he was 199.  I left him alone since that was in the OK range you specified.  We didn't play today so we had our snack right after.  We had a birthday party today and he had an ice cream sandwich that had 24 carbs in it.  He ate it all so I dosed him for the 24 carbs and the pump delivered 4 units.  That was at 2:30, so his 2 hour check is right now."  She said this while handing me his sugar box so I could do said check.  How cool is THAT???

A very BIG victory today, my friends!


  1. AHHH that is HUGE Donna!!! I cannot even imagine. Our school would NEVER allow us to delegate insulin administration - it drives me NUTS. WOW. I am (for once) speechless. I am so glad the twins are off to a great school year. I am also happy to hear about the lump...please keep us in the loop on the nodule.

  2. That is HUGE! And ummm, WOW! What an AWESOME TEACHER! I wish I were closer to you! Our teacher is "learning" to deal with D, but will not handle any of the D care herself!

    WOO HOO for you and his teacher and him! :-)

  3. That is AWESOME! A very big victory indeed!

  4. Woo Hoo Hooo for that teacher! Great way to start the year...sounds like she really cares! Good news about the lump. Keep us posted.

  5. 1) I'm PRAYING for your family and, especially, that biopsy on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!

    2) HOLY MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE props to that teacher!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! Totally impressed and feeling blessed :)

  6. That is awesome and gives me hope for a few years from now when we are dealing with the same stuff! I will say some extra prayers for you for your biopsy on Thursday! Good Luck

  7. That is something to celebrate for sure!!! Doing the happy dance for you!