Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back… But Different?

This has been an interesting month for me.  I have not posted in awhile, nor have I been keeping up with the DOC much.  I miss my blog and I REALLY miss my D Mama’s, but being separated from it all has been good for me, I think.  I was getting VERY emerged in Diabetes -  and Diabetes in our lives, and what Diabetes has done to our lives, to the point that I think that focusing to that extreme was getting to be unhealthy for me. 

Someone said to me not to long ago that it’s all about balance.  They were referring to my struggles in being a working mom – that I need to strike a balance between work and home life.  But it also struck me as being very true about needing to strike a balance between being a MOM and being a D Mama.  I love my kids.  They along with Sugar Daddy are the light of my life – my Sun, if you will.  The other things that go on in my life, including my job, are all just planets that rotate around them.  Diabetes is one of the planets… it’s kind of a big planet (like, Jupiter size!!)…but here’s the thing:  It was encroaching on my Sun… and I think I finally realized that it was time to put it in its place.  Knock it back on its orbit and tell it to back off a bit.

So that’s what I did… and it felt good.

Now I am ready to cautiously start blogging again… but my blogging will no longer be Diabetes centered.  I am sure there will be posts that are all about D… but there will also be posts that are all about Sweet Girl, and her dancing… and posts about Sugar Boy and how well he is doing in school and how the capacity of both his mind and his heart astonish me every day… and posts  that are all about Sugar Daddy and his amazing talent… and posts about Katy the CRAZY kitty that has taken her rightful place as Queen of the House…

All in all – Good Things To Come!! =)