Sunday, September 5, 2010

Toddler Games and the Killer Smoothie

We had quite the morning and afternoon out.  Sugar Daddy has been dropping extremely broad hints about wanting a new laptop backpack for his birthday.  These hints have been coming since like February... so in order to finally put him out of his misery and stop the hints in their tracks we made pilgrimage to Best Buy to get him his new backpack for his birthday later this month.

When we were there, while Sugar Daddy was trying to figure out which one he wanted I took the kids over to look at the Leap Frog games and units that they had there.  We are going to be taking a trip to New Mexico later in the month via train (a dream come true for Sugar Boy) and I was interested in the Leapster units thinking that they may come in useful for keeping the kids occupied on the 4 hour train ride. 

The selection wasn't great there, so after taking the kiddos for hair cuts we ventured to the toy store.  Scary place with two 4 year olds... let me tell you!  After calmly (and then not-so-calmly) explaining to them that we were there for Leapsters and NOTHING else we finally left with two Leapsters (one green, one purple) and two games (Disney Princess and Thomas The Tank Engine).

By this time we were all starving - Sugar Boy was cranky in that "Feed me and feed me NOW!" sort of way.  We decided that if we had to sit and eat with these two children then we were going to do it at home, so that meant picking something up and taking it back home with us.  There was a Sonic nearby, and I for one thought that a cherry limeade just might be the miracle cure I needed at that moment.  So, we pulled into one of the slots and asked the kids what they wanted.  Hilarity soon ensued:

Sugar Boy pointed at the car-side sign and says he wants "that" sandwich.  Uhhhhh - that's helpful.  So, Sugar Daddy points to each sandwich on there until we figure out that he is asking for the Chicken Club Toaster.  Fine.  He also wants Tater Tots.  Whatever.  Then we ask him what he wants to drink.  He points to the sign again and says, "THAT!! I want a smoothie!!"  His face is all lit up.  Oh Boy.  What's he looking at?  He says "The one with the cherry and the cucumber."  HU??? Oh!  I see it:  "You mean, the one with the cherry and the lime?"  He nods.  I tell Sugar Daddy in a somewhat lowered voice, "The Cherry Lime Aid Chiller".  Sugar Boy says, "YEAH!  The Cherry Limeade Killer Smoothie!!"  His face is still all lit up.  Sugar Daddy and I burst into a fit of giggles... which has the Sugar Kids giggling just as hard.  Finally we recovered and I couldn't resist him.  So I tell Sugar Daddy - "That's fine - get it for him, I'll figure it out."  I may add that the usual thought of "after all if he were a non-diabetic child I wouldn't hesitate to let him have this very rare treat, and it has ALWAYS been our goal to not treat Sugar Boy and more different than strictly necessary.  So, we order (I may add that while Sugar Boy just ordered a premium sandwich and a killer smoothie, Sweet Girl was perfectly happy ordering the much more appropriate corn dog, tots and milk combo that is designed for children as young as the Sugar Kids!).

On our way home I pulled out my ever-present, always reliable Droid and pulled up the also ever-present, always reliable  I put in "Sonic Toaster", find the chicken club toaster - 55 carbs.  Well, that's ok - he will only be able to eat half of it, so that's not so bad.  Medium tater tots - 21 carbs.  He will eat all of those, but that's still only 48 carbs total if he eats half the sandwich... not horrible.  Then I put in "Sonic Chiller"  I choose the Cherry Lime Aid one, and select the 14 oz (that's the smallest it came in) size that we got. 


Yep - 100 carbs in that sucker.




That was when we decided that Sugar Boy is the one that had it right... Cherry Lime Aid KILLER.

When we got home we decided that we would closely monitor just how much of it he had... and portion it off if we need to.  OBVIOUSLY he was not going to be allowed to have the whole thing. 

Turns out that all he really wanted was the cherry on top... not the drink itself.  SCORE for mom and dad - who consumed 50 carbs each when we shared it, breathing HUGE sighs of relief that Sugar Boy was tickled pink with his cherry and a chocolate milk instead!


  1. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction!

  2. The Slushie is a "KILLER" indeed Donna! I can just picture the chaos in the car at Sonic. Although I have never heard your voice I have an idea of what your laughter sounds like and it is contagious.

    BTW...I HATE SLUSHIES for Joe...luckily he rarely orders one from anywhere. THEY ARE BG BUSTERS!!!

  3. Holy smokes, that slushie is a killer! Who would of thought, 100 carbs. YIKES!!! I'm kinda glad Lovebug isn't all that into slushies, yet. :)

  4. So glad it all worked out! I would have freaked a little if The Superhero wanted one too! He usually is very happy with a Diet Cherry Limeade, though I would not deny him a smoothie if that is what he wanted, for your same reasoning.

    Glad you and Sugar Daddy enjoyed the smoothie. :-)

  5. 100???? WOW!!!!!

    Such a cute post :) My girls LOVE the Leapsters, btw!

  6. I love toddler games - hehe - and that sounds so adorable! =)