Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Diabetes Art Day

So, I didn’t get my art project done. Maybe next time. A teaser: It was edible art!!! Next time for sure!

So, instead I thought I would share with you some pictures I took lately using the Retro Camera app on my Droid. Enjoy!



  1. So that ring :)

    I can't wait to learn more about your edible art project....cliff hanger!!!

  2. Great pictures!

    I know, what a cliff hanger! You cannot keep us in suspense until next year! You should do it and post it anytime. :)

  3. What a fun app to have on your phone!

    This might be "plan B," but I think it definitely qualifies as art.

    Though, I'm really curious about "plan A."

  4. They are beautiful...and yes "spill it" on the "edible art" girl!!!

  5. Can't believe this was your second choice!! I LOVE these pictures!!

  6. Edible art! So far I've only seen one edible art project for Diabetes Art Day, so I'm sorry you weren't able to complete what you had in mind. We will most positively be doing Diabetes Art Day next year though because the response has been unimaginably fantastic.

    Even though you didn't get to complete your edible art, I'm glad you posted these photos. They're really cute pictures, and I love the one of the ring - very pretty. Thanks for participating in Diabetes Art Day and helping to make it a true community effort :)